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Planning Committee begins planning for 2017 World Changers Program, “Limitless”

Several members of the World Changers and Neptune’s Paint and Rehab Program meet in January to continue the work of repairing homes and restoring lives. Close to 270 World Changers volunteers have already signed up for the project in Neptune! Don’t hesitate to fill out an application; we know you may not have all the required documents yet. You can send in the documents later. 

L-RChris Durkin, Pastor of Colts Neck Community Church and local World Changers Associate
Monique Burger, Neptune Community Programs Coordinator
Kate Sweeney, Monmouth-Ocean FoodBank Development Coordinator
Roberta Grace, Neptune Special Projects Coordinator
Rev David Persson, Director, North Jersey Network of Churches
Mark Balzarano, Neptune Director of Pubic Works
Maureen Mulligan, Executive Director, Coasta Habitat for Humanity

We are pleased to announce that volunteers from World Changers will be returning to Neptune Township to provide painting services and rehab work to low to moderate income households.

World Changers is an international Christian mission that seeks to provide youth and adults with opportunities to serve others and are sponsored by many church ministries throughout the USA. These volunteers will arrive in Neptune on Monday, July 10 and leave Saturday, July 15.

Coastal Habitat for Humanity, through their “A Brush With Kindness” program, will be lending their volunteer services again this year. This program assists with revitalizing neighborhoods through providing painting services, landscaping and minor repairs on homes of low-income homeowners.

Applications for the 2017 Paint and Rehab Program will be available starting November 3rd at the Municipal Building: 25 Neptune Blvd, the Senior Center: 1607 Corlies Avenue, MURC office:1828 West Lake Avenue (3rd Floor) or by clicking here.

All applications must be completed and returned by March 31, 2017. Return application to Monique’ Burger, Community Programs Coordinator, Neptune Municipal Building, at 25 Neptune Boulevard or mailed to PO Box 1125, Neptune NJ 07754. We realize that those applying early, may not have 2016 income information when submitting the application. Please submit the required documentation no later than March 31st. 


  1. The Program is open to all residential homeowners who qualify under the income eligibility established by the Council on Affordable Housing.  Proof of income is required such as one or more of the following:
    1. 2016 Federal Tax Return (Form 1040) with W-2
    2. Annual Report from Social Security for 2016
    3. Award letter for Pension information
    4. If your status has changed from 2016, provide at least two consecutive pay stubs
  2. The house must be owner-occupied.  Rental properties do not qualify.
  3. The property taxes must be paid for the current quarter.  The sewer rent must be paid to the current half.
2017 Paint & Rehab Program Income Limits *
FAMILY OF:                MODERATE INCOME:                LOW INCOME:
1                                       $51,864                                $32,415
2                                       $59,273                                 $37,046
3                                       $66,682                                 $41,676
4                                       $74,091                                 $48,159
5                                       $80,019                                 $50,012
6                                       $85,946                                 $53,716
7                                       $91,873                                 $57,421
8                                       $97,801                                 $61,125
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