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Go to this page for application forms for Engineering, Zoning and Planning Boards, Zoning and HPC.

FEMA has released the new Preliminary Maps which are the next step to generating new FIRM (Flood Insurance Rate Maps).  These maps can be utilized with the link tools provided for the general public to find their current Flood Elevation.  This is an important tool to find your current flood zone and elevation.  For flood elevations, these maps are the next step from the ABFE maps for flood insurance purposes.  The Preliminary Maps are the basis for what the insurance companies will base your flood insurance on.  Please be advised that these maps are “Preliminary” and are just being introduced.  The public is encouraged to review them and the flood elevations with respect to your property

For Township purposes and elevating of structures the current ordinance relies on the ABFE maps and an elevation of 12 which includes the necessary freeboard.  This will be in place until the new FIRM maps have been through comment period and review and are adopted as the official FIRM maps.  At that time the Township will evaluate how this compares to the ABFE’s and the adopted elevation of 12 to the new FIRM maps and see if any revisions are necessary to the current ordinance.

The following links are very helpful for individuals to locate their property

Preliminary Firm Maps can be found at the site
Direct link to the Preliminary FIS report, FIRMS and Firm databases is available at

Direct link to the Preliminary FIS report, FIRMS and Firm databases is available at
Everyone is encouraged to still use the Region 2 website which is also still being updated and active
As per the webinar FEMA has stated that overall the Flood Risk in Monmouth County has increased.
NJ Flood Mapper an interactive mapping website to visualize coastal flooding hazards and sea level rise.
Prepare Your Community, This online self assessment process is a tool to assist communities to reduce vulnerability and increase preparedness by linking planning, mitigation, and adaptation

Municipal Stormwater Management Plan (full text)

Township Storm Water Management Ordinance (as amended in September 2009)

Storm Drain Inlets (Ordinance 11-11)

Refuse containers & dumpsters covered (Ord 11-10)

Environmental impact statement (Ord 04-23)

ownship Park_Recreation Map

Township Street Map

Resident Form


Stormwater Management

Please find the following information regarding Stormwater Management and measures that individuals/homeowners can implement to help keep our waters clean.

Every step helps!

Go to this page for the information.

Leanne Hoffmann, PE, PP, CME   x 228
Director of Engineering and Planning

Sean Areia, Assistant Engineer, Assistant Zoning Officer x 270


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