Hurricane Sandy Survivors Keep Your Receipts for Three Years


TRENTON, N.J. - The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends Hurricane
Sandy survivors who received money to keep the receipts or bills for which
the money was used for three years.

FEMA assistance must be used for eligible disaster expenses only, as
identified in the approval letter from the agency. Survivors must save
documentation that demonstrates how the funds were used in meeting their
disaster-related needs in case they are audited.

Examples include:

*       Receipts for items purchased for home repair

*       Contractor invoices

*       Proof of hotel room charges if you received housing assistance

*       Rent payment receipts if you received housing assistance

*       Receipts for moving and storage expenses

*       Receipts for repairing or replacing personal property

More information on FEMA programs for individuals and households can be
found in the “Help After a Disaster” guide. The guide was mailed to each
applicant but also is available online at <> .