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Kids Crush the Cops 42-3 in Neptune Township Softball Fundraiser!

The Neptune Township Municipal Alliance to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse would like to extend a huge thank you to all who helped make the eleventh annual Cops vs. Kids softball game on June 1, 2016 such a success!  The weather was beautiful, the game was fun, and revenge was in full swing!

It was a great event—from pre-event sponsorship to the last at bat.  The Kids more than doubled their victory from last year, crushing the Cops, 42-3! The coveted “Prevention Cup” Trophy will remain housed at Neptune High School until next year’s game when the Cops will have to try to reclaim it!

Thanks to everyone who supported the game, and in turn, helps us spread our prevention message to the community.  Be sure to catch our next Cops vs. Kids fundraiser!


Neptune Township Recreation Director Sworn in as
President of New Jersey Recreation and Park Association on Friday, May 6th

Our own Dawn Thompson!


Neptune Township’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt Winners

Three softball fields, hundreds of children, 5,000 colored eggs, and lots of prizes—all the makings of a successful Easter Egg Hunt.  Neptune Recreation’s Easter Egg Hunt went off on Saturday morning, March 19, with cool but dry weather.  Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cottontail were also on hand to share in the fun!!

Children from ages pre-kindergarten through 5th grade made short work of gathering all 5,000 brightly colored eggs, each containing a small toy or wrapped candy.  Thirty-six silver eggs held special prizes for the lucky finders. Thanks to Committeeman Nick Williams for joining in the festivities.

Congratulations to this year’s grand prize winners:  Alexa Cichon, Bailey Wernik, David Monroe, Logan Prussack, Logan Foster, Eric Wuchter, Allie Daigle, Elizabeth Wuchter, Antonio Berrocal, Jade Hamilton, Lucy Devlin, Kelis Marvine, Nikolas Scannapico, Charlie Kosmik, Tyler Blue, Jaden Lambert, Cesar Torralba, Amiylah Ross, Olivia Johns, Ariana Delgado, Tyler Latshaw, Joseph Lanno, Brian L’Heureux, Jake Latshaw, Marc Alston, Clair Seccord, Averin Winn, Robert Terry, Jr., Leona Alicaya, Meghan Maloney, Cherish Byers, Samantha Latshaw, Jake Bianco, Kyonna Joseph, Joey Joyce, and Jamison Foster.

A special thank you to helpers: Ajene Nicholson, Faith Lawson, Bobby Dykeman, Gabby DiGiovanni, Gianna Gioia, Esonni Hall, Jalil Hamilton, Nick Lore-Edwards, Jaclyn Lore-Edwards, Kayla Stewart, Madison Zelaya, Cathy Crelin, Verita Hill, Laria Hamilton, Chappy Williams, Niarra Harvey, Maureen Ruotolo, for their assistance, and to Mr. & Mrs. Cottontail for joining us for a fun event! CLICK HERE for the photo gallery





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Neptune Township Brings Fitness on Your Phone to the Parks

Visit Neptune parks with your smartphone and you can get a great workout. How about enjoying this unseasonably nice weather while working out your core, your lower body, upper body and improving your flexibility too? Neptune Township Recreation and Public Works Departments recently installed QR (Quick Response) Fit Trail signs at many Neptune parks.

“Seven parks throughout the township now offer QR Fit Trail sign service,” said Kevin McMillan, Township Committee liaison to Recreation. “Technology is such a part of our lives; why not use it to get fit as well?” The parks with single QR Fit Trail Smart Boards include: Bradley Park, Division Street Park, Beverly Way, Bert Willis, Loffredo Field, the Fred Boenig Little League Fields at Jumping Brook, and Sunshine Village Park.

With QR Fit Trail signs, smartphone owners can use a free QR Code scanner of their choice, scan one of the four codes per sign, and gain access to a series of short exercise videos, hence, “Fitness on Your Phone”!



The videos show free guided exercises from a certified fitness instructor and the videos change out monthly, giving visitors a new experience all the time! People of all fitness levels can take part and no other equipment is needed for these workouts. The image above is one of the QR Fit Trail signs. The signs are constructed of durable aluminum and are 2 feet x 3 feet in size. 
“Neptune Township purchased the signs with grant money through a CDC initiative to Move & Improve Neptune,” said Neptune Recreation Director Dawn Thompson, “We installed two adult fitness workout stations (in Bradley Park and Sunshine Village Park) last year (picture below), and these new QR Fit Trail signs are just another example of how we want to encourage everyone to enjoy our parks and keep moving to stay healthy.”



Sunshine Village features a Welcome station, and 5 other stations, ideal for the loop trail there. Each of the five stations has four exercises on them - one for Core Body, one for Lower Body, one for Upper Body, and one for Flexibility. The park user can go through the trail one day, following all of the exercises for Upper Body, and then come through another day, and go through the Flexibility trail all with the same signage. The single sign Fit Board (which is installed in the other 6 parks) incorporates these same 21 codes, but instead of being placed on 6 different signs, they are condensed into one larger sign for smaller parks.

Our parks are open from dawn to dusk. Have fun and get fit!!



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