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2016 Wesley Lake Commission Members

Terms 1/1/2016-12/31/2018

Elected Officials:

Dr. Michael Brantley, Neptune

Eileen Chapman, Asbury Park

City Manager Appointee

Dr. James Brown, Neptune

Jim Henry, Asbury Park, Treasurer

Municipal Engineer or DPW

Mark Balzarano, DPW Neptune

William McClave, DPW AP

Two Residents from each Municipality

Patricia (Tee)  Lesinski, AP

Gail Rosewater, AP, Chair

Susan Tyler,Neptune, Secretary

Peter Longo-Neptune

Individual Appointed by Majority Vote

Keith Fiori, Asbury Park, 


Vacant- Neptune

Doug McQueen-AP, Vice Chair


Lisa Di Franza, P.E.

Project Engineer, Maser Consulting

CLICK HERE for a copy of the Wesley Lake Rehabilitation Plan

For watershed Information, CLICK HERE.
For the watershed map, CLICK HERE.


Wesley Lake Charter Agreement, CLICK HERE.

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